Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to Pesticide Safety

The pharmaceutical industry has a potential role in pesticide safety. Though it is now fashionable for pesticide companies to operate as independent entities, some of the classic active ingredients used in this business originated in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Nearer home, pesticide safety in India needs integration with rural health-care. Many spraymen suffer from substance abuses. Pesticide safety loses some relevance in case people are debilitated by unrelated diseases such as tuberculosis, stomach disorders, inflammation of pulmonary tissues, and allergies.

That is why I feel very happy after reading the glad news at the following link:

The entry of an innovative and ethical pharmaceutical major in to the rural health-care space is an important landmark for India. It is something for other countries such as China to emulate. All pesticide companies should consider alliances with pharmaceutical companies to enhance their product-ranges for farmers and their families. Let us protect people as well as their crops.

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