Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Toxicology Transparency for Pesticide Safety

Literacy and consensus are major impediments to better pesticide safety standards. Toxicology is not a popular subject though it is fun to throw mud at pesticides. The result is that the laity gets addicted to plain dromology.

These are my impressions from the article at this link, and my communication with the author:


I appeal to people from all shades of opinion to use this forum, or to create their own web logs, in order to promote awareness and consensus on pesticide safety. I am willing to post on any web site, and have enabled all comments on mine. You do not even have to identify yourself here, and are assured of responses within 24 hours of posting.

Everyone gains from a common understanding of pesticide safety. Dialog is the best route to achieve consensus. Learning is enabled when we share our knowledge resources. These are the lessons I have learned from Pujya Shri Kantisen Shroff, who is one of the greatest living proponents of environmental conservation, rural wealth creation through independence, and sustainable agriculture.

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