Monday, September 22, 2008

Telemedicine for Pesticide Safety

Regulars on this web log, and my friends in Kutch will recognize the master-cultivator pictured on the left. Please see my post of August 07, 2008 for details on how Pratap Saparia combines new technologies with traditional methods for some of the best farming to be found anywhere.

Ravi Baug is an appropriate setting for this wonderful exposition of new and old, for the owners exemplify this enduring spirit which is unique, in my experience, to India.

Pratap Saparia is a symbol of the quandary faced by Indian rural marketers of this millennium. The days when farmers would hang on to our every word are over. Now they know more about agronomy than many technologists.

Health remains a major concern for all stakeholders in agriculture. The following link shows that even advanced economies are not free of concerns related to rural health:

The Internet makes telemedicine possible. Rural communities are principal beneficiaries of telemedicine facilities. Here is a link for using the Internet to stay in touch with rural communities, and to serve them better:

My vision is to merge pesticide safety with integrated rural health. This is most resource-effective if executed on a distance format. I welcome your views. Please post below.

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