Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are Your Pesticide Stocks Safe and Secure?

I remember Najafgarh Road as I commiserate with my fellow-citizens in Delhi over last week's horrific terror attacks. West Delhi was scantily populated in the mid-1970s when I had to site a pesticide warehouse. I had to suffer much opprobrium over locating the warehouse so far away from Asaf Ali Road in the heart of the city, where we had an office.

Pesticide warehouse and factory locations cannot be permanent. Localities change characters, and areas which were once safe for pesticide storage and production become densely populated over time.

Public and natural water bodies are also threatened by pesticides. Containment is therefore essential, and there must be provisions for emergencies such as fires.

Now, security is a new concern. Unauthorized access to a pesticide warehouse or factory can pose enormous threats to law and order. We never bothered with such things in the past, but it is a matter for urgent and top concern today.

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