Monday, September 1, 2008

Regulations are not meaningful if the affected public is not allowed to participate in decision-making processes.

Allegations abound about connivance between regulators and the pesticide industry to foist harm on unsuspecting communities.

Controversies about the roles played by neonicotinoids to cause Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees have caused widespread distress.

Every stakeholder in pesticide safety stands to gain if there are open discussions about the risks of using new and patented pesticides.

That is why I consider the contents of the following link to be a harbinger of positive change towards pesticide safety:

Thank you for posting your valuable opinion on this matter of vital national interest.

The dead honeybee below cannot be brought back to life. However, you can save colonies from extinction by acting now to restrict non-essential foliar applications of neonicotinoids. Ask farmers to switch to contact molecules with favorable profiles for all beneficial insects during flowering. Substitution with Endogram will be even best.

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