Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Burning Pesticide Safety Question

Obsolete pesticides deserve special attention. They can negate all the good work done to promote pesticide safety. Consider the information at the following link:

The issue requires a series of preventive and contingent actions. The best manufacturers have integrated systems in place to manage obsolete pesticides in their systems of logistics. However, smaller units lack the resources and technology to dispose off obsolete pesticides without polluting the environment.

Obsolete pesticide management requires a multi-disciplinary approach. High peak formulation capacities help to prevent piling up of finished goods stocks. Marketing expertise is required to follow FIFO (first in first out) practices from factory to farm. Finally, all high-use areas need impervious holding areas in which unconsumed stocks can be degraded safely. These should be operated on industry bases, since it is not economically feasible for each brand to be sequestered separately. Incineration is also a capital-intensive process, and requires appropriate technology as well. 

Please post below if you have experience with obsolete pesticides, or if you can offer help to dispose them without harming people and the environment.

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