Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Follow the Pesticide Safety Leader

Singur is the most fertile agricultural block in which I have ever worked. I have always envied Robin Bhakta, who was the dealer I served for this verdant paradise. That is why my family name is not the reason for my personal opposition to building a factory of any kind in my God's country.

However, no jumbo disaster can detract from my respect for the House of Tata. The pesticide arm of this conglomerate has always been at the vanguard of plant protection. It has been a beacon for me from the days of Dr. Vevai to Dr. Sohoni

Please use the following link to get new inspiration for pesticide safety:

I have developed a new program by following this creative process. I will launch it in Bawana after paying obeisance to Lord Ganesha today.

Please share your innovative ideas about pesticide safety by posting below. All languages and media are welcome, and it is not essential to disclose your identity.

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