Friday, September 12, 2008

Eternal Vigilance for Pesticide Safety in Production and Storage

Written procedures and regular rehearsals are musts for all pesticide manufacturing and storage units. Not even the best corporations are above accidents as the following link demonstrates:

The probabilities of an adverse event are fortunately low, but stringent preventive and contingent measures are musts in all cases. Most large factories have detailed procedures to deal with emergencies, but warehouses are often not structured for management of disasters.

Emulsion concentrates with low flash points require special precautions. Local fire services should be equipped with MSDSs, and impervious containment arrangements are required to hold contaminated water and sludge.

I am trained in safe storage and transport of pesticides, and offer my services to anybody who would like to use my expertise to raise pesticide safety standards.

You can reach me on 919820188291 at any time.

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