Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fight Discrimination in Pesticide Safety Now

The Pesticide Action Network North America has posted some views about Endosulfan. I reproduce below my response to this web page:


I wish to respond to the material I have accessed today at the following link:

I have worked with Endosulfan, and with several other pesticides, bio-rational products, and organic technologies, for more than three decades.

Pest management is not similar to the very North American habit of owning and driving automobiles. You should not denigrate a pesticide because it is not the latest model in showrooms. Similarly, regulatory actions against specific molecules in certain parts of the world may be influenced by the business interests of manufacturers domesticated in those countries. Please do not dilute the sovereign rights of all countries to regulate pesticides within their own jurisdictions.

Endosulfan does not harm non-target organisms or the environment when used as per label directions. The NOEL, ADI, and PHI systems are specifically designed to enable the safe and judicious use of pesticides.

Endosulfan has a unique place in Integrated Pest Management. It is the only molecule in the world with strains of beneficial insect tolerances. You are quick to report the EU ban on Endosulfan, but remain silent on CCD which afflicts the entire continent of Europe. It does not become you to act as a promotional agent for European neonicotinoids

I appeal to you to serve the larger public interest, free of abusive discrimination, by promoting the safe and judicious use of pesticides.

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