Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PPI >PHI for Pesticide Safety

Pollinators, especially honeybees, are equal creatures with humans, before God. Even non-believers must accept that we will starve without bio-diversity. Indians are at special risks because so much of our diet requires vegetable oils. We have never achieved self-sufficiency in this vital ingredient. Major oilseeds are cross-pollinated. There is no hope for us without honeybees. That is why I feel the view at the link below is misplace, though it is factually correct:

I have nothing personal against any Pre-Harvest Interval. Certainly, we should observe them. I do wish the Plant Protection Adviser would do more to fix PHIs for all pesticides. However, a PHI is not enough. Humans do not feed on pollen, but honeybees have no other source of nutrition. It is inhuman to poison pollen with systemic pesticides. This is a death-warrant for honeybees. It is also a prescription for the continued impoverishment of rural India.

There is no time to lose. Pre-pollination intervals should be fixed for all systemic pesticides before the next mustard crop is sown in India. No systemic pesticide should be detectable in plant tissues once flowering starts. Certainly, aphids may attack the crop at this stage. There may be lepidoptera as well. We should only use the triad of Endogram, Endocel, and Endosulfan-tolerant Chrysoperla during the reproductive stage of a crop. Contact fungicides, especially sulphur formulations are available for fungal attacks.

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