Saturday, September 20, 2008

Italian Pesticide Safety

Italy is not a top pesticide business market. However, it has taken a decisive step to promote pesticide safety. See:

Honeybees are generally ignored whenever pesticide safety is discussed. These industrious creatures are not on par with humans, but they have huge roles in preserving biodiversity. Honey and pollination are turbo engines of rural development. 

Neonictotinoid residues should dissipate before a crop starts flowering. It is for the pesticide industry to be proactive and steward their patented molecules judiciously. Poisoning pollen is a horrific act, and should be avoided at all costs. Endogram and Endocel make ideal partners for crop protection during flowering.

You may not be from Italy, but you can add your influential voice to prevent foliar application of neonicotinoids during flowering. Please post below. 

Conserve Your Nation's Pollinators

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