Monday, September 22, 2008

Pesticide Safety Lead

Remediation is a key element of pesticide safety. Stakeholders with opposing views on pesticide safety can come together on a common platform of water and soil decontamination.

Remediation is a strong point of Endosulfan. This pesticide is relatively easy to metabolize when it appears in non-target sites. We have a variety of chemical and organic methods to break down unwanted Endosulfan residues in to harmless ingredients. A chemical approach is best when ph and temperature conditions are favorable. Bacteria and fungi are superior weapons when ambient conditions do not favor rapid break-down.

Endosulfan presents all the agronomic advantages of long duration control with simultaneous benefits of easily-manageable residues in soil and water. This is also why it is superior to foliar applications of neonicotinoids during the flowering stages of crops. Endosulfan does not enter xylem and phloem tissues.

Remediation is integral to my pesticide safety projects. Please use the following link for a useful lead on this topic:

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