Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Transactional Analysis for Pesticide Safety

This post is a protest against the punitive regulatory action reported at the following link:

I disclaim that my views are based on my professional career with a legacy company of the one involved. I write in the greater interests of pesticide safety.

The world pesticide industry is an oligopoly, especially in terms of novel syntheses. We all depend on a handful of corporations for continuous investments in discovering new molecules. It is also their magnanimity that can quickly correct serious maladies that afflict agriculture, including the dreaded CCD of honeybees. 

Global corporations should be given opportunities to correct minor aberrations in their far-flung operations. It is not befitting to treat them like children, handing out petty fines. After all, these companies have their own internal audit systems as well. ISO 14001 philosophy promotes self-regulation, and the regulatory action in this instance goes against the grain of industry leadership for better pesticide safety. 

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