Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Pesticide Safety Lesson for the World

The first world is not always the best repository of new ideas for pesticide safety. Europe, the continent which has produced more active ingredients than any other, is in turmoil. See the following link:

Many countries have divergent views on pesticide safety. Some even try to impose bans on other nations in order to promote new molecules patented by their corporate votaries.

Pesticide professionals know that safe and judicious use is a skill. Pesticide abuse does not reflect on the inherent utility of active ingredients and their formulations.

Ghana shines in this quagmire. It has taken a bold, innovative, and wise step in promoting correct pesticide use instead of dabbling in the politics of bans. See the following link:

I congratulate Ghana on this pathbreaking step to pesticide safety and call on other countries to follow suit.

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