Monday, September 8, 2008

Small Steps Can Make Major Pesticide Safety Leaps

Spraying a post-emergence herbicide can be taxing. You have to use a hood, and normally this forces you to bend while spraying. Exhaustion is a great hurdle to pesticide safety, and hence simple lance extensions can make major differences to operator comfort and safety.

I witnessed testing of such a device recently in Bawana on the farm of Shri Jille Singh Rana. I have posted on this progressive cultivator before. The person testing was Shri Ram Mahato from the farm. Mahato is from Bihar, but has worked in Haryana for the last 25 years. He was very happy with the test. Here is a clip of the test:

The attachment is innocuous. However, appearances are certainly very deceptive as you can tell from the video. I should clarify that I have filmed a demonstration with plain water, which is why you do not see protective gear. Here is another view of the lance:

The device will be improved further to strengthen bonding with the lance. Post below or write to if you would like to access this device.

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