Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bourgeois View of Pesticide Safety

I am glad to know that honeybees thrive in Paris.  Here is a link to this unusual information:

We need a similar situation in the hinterland of India. Honeybees are at the vanguard of sustainable agricultural productivity. The controversial spread of industrialization means that our fertile zones need special attention. 

Honeybee conservation lies at the heart of pesticide safety. It is not enough if Paris has honeybees. We need them for cross-pollination and for biodiversity as well.

Endogram, Endocel, and Endosulfan-tolerant Chrysoperla must be the IPM prescriptions once flowering starts in a crop. Systemic pesticides should be restricted to seed-dressing and to the vegetative phase of every crop.

Please post below and take position on this matter of vital national interest.

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