Friday, September 26, 2008

Stewardship and Unity for Pesticide Safety

I am pained to read the disturbing material at the following link:

Is this fair? What will happen if Indian entities begin to persecute our thriving pesticide industry in this fashion?

It is bad enough to be subject to pressures from biased regulators in other countries, but it is simply intolerable to be attacked by your own compatriots.

Germany has given birth to some of the leading pesticide companies in the world. Here is a link to a valuable historic account:

Germany supplies pesticides all over the world. It is most deserving of a special place in the pesticide history of the world. What should we do to stop vilification of esteemed colleagues?

Stewardship, for me, provides a comprehensive answer. Unity adds turbo power to individual stewardship attempts. Neonicotinoids and Endosulfan are both of German and European origins. It is for the pesticide industry to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and ensure safe and judicious use of all pesticides.

I propose that neonicotinoids are limited to seed treatment, while Endogram, Endosulfan, and Endosulfan-tolerant Chrysoperla are used to keep pests at bay during the crucial pollination period. This approach will meet the genuine concerns of all stakeholders.

Please post below and express your professional opinion. 

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