Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Use, Abuse, and Pesticide Safety

Does the pesticide industry take stewardship seriously? The material at the following link seems to suggest otherwise:

Dated communication strategies are not adequate for the global world of today. We cannot ignore unintended effects of our pesticide products. Who will protect pesticide brands if the industry looks the other way?

Colony Collapse Disorder is a case in point. The pesticide industry has not done enough to halt the unexplained deaths of honeybees. Pollination is integral to farm production and to environmental conservation as well. Pesticides will suffer if there is no comprehensive approach to this burning problem. Europe has reacted with bans and litigation against neonicotinoids. There are similar moves in the United States as well. It is time for BRIC countries to take positions on the matter.

The EndogramEndocel, and Endosulfan-tolerant Chrysoperla triad is my answer to the vexed matter of pollination failures. I am open to other approaches as well. Please post below or write to sochiye.pesticidesafety@gmail.com if you would like to try the system on a farm or if you have other suggestions to combat pollination failures and declines of pollinators.

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