Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Should Pesticide Safety Have Spatial Limits?

"No, we cannot allow you to work in Kerala".

This is an actual statement I encountered yesterday. I met with a functionary from a key pesticide industry player. My objective was to extend my pesticide safety project to the Indian State that has borne the brunt of pesticide hazards. 

It started with ethyl parathion more than five decades ago. A consignment was transported with rice leading to human deaths. Leptophos also ran in to fatal trouble in this State. A needless controversy over aerial spraying continues.

Kerala needs pesticide safety just like any other area. This is a prime place to promote the safe and judicious use of pesticides. I regret that an influential industry-member does not wish to engage in pesticide safety as a core activity of its organization.

Please post below or write to sochiye.pesticidesafety@gmail.com if you know of an entity that is willing to support a pesticide safety program in Kerala.

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