Friday, October 17, 2008

Pesticide Safety is Good for Business

Should the pesticide industry worry about PHI defaults? Does it make business sense to restrict sales in order to control abuse of pesticides? Perhaps you have some answers ready in your mind if you work in the pesticide industry. However, please read the information at the following link and see if you change your opinion:

Japan ranks at the very top of stiff pesticide regulation. It is entirely possible that farm produce in other countries also reaches retail shelves with pesticide residues above MRLs. This is why organic produce has gained such currency though science shows that food full of microbes may not be safe for ingestion.

The pesticide industry will grow faster and in more stable manner if safe and judicious use is promoted actively. Do you have success stories with respect to PHIs and re-entry period compliance? I would love to hear from you. Please resolve that you will not allow PHI violations in your jurisdiction, from now onwards. That should get the New Year off to a winning start.

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