Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pesticide Safety for the Skin

I discern a pattern throughout Haryana. Please check and let me know if you have similar experiences. The Dermatology Clinics have the longest queues of patients in rural hospitals. Here is a picture from Ambala in Haryana that I took yesterday.

I walked through the hospital several times. There were no matching crowds in any of the other Departments. I recall my visit to Badoli in Sonepat during August this year. Nearly all the farmers in our meeting had skin ailments. Here is a picture of the gathering:

There are two disturbing features of this vast problem. One is beyond my control. It relates to untreated effluent streams of industrial units in rural areas. Here is a picture from the highway that links Ambala with Chandigarh:

The stench from the drain is unbearable. Important politicians and officials drive past this disaster every day. 

There is another aspect of pollution that affects all pesticide professionals. We can make deep inroads against dermal toxicity through simple acts. Gloves and plastic outer clothing are effective ways of reducing dermal exposure. Pesticide containers are handled without gloves at retail points, during transport, and in storage as well. Here is evidence from Kalaiwal near Kaithal:

Sitaram has assured me that his brother and he will start using gloves and other protective gear. I have to arrange for delivery at the earliest. 

Please resolve to prevent dermal toxicity. Human lives are in your hands.

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