Monday, October 27, 2008

Children and Pesticide Safety

Date: October 23, 2008
Time: Around dusk
Place: Chavda Farm House, Pinjupura, on road from Hissar to Narwana in Haryana, India
Tank mix: Nurelle of Dow and Novaluron of Indofil

The children strolled on to the field even as simultaneous spraying and harvesting were in progress. 

We need to do much more to protect children from pesticide abuse. Rural and urban children need separate sets of protective measures. Exposure is a major challenge for farm families. Residues beyond MRLs are unknown issues for children in cities. 

Extension services at points of purchase would be most effective under the present system of pesticide marketing. An alternative is to regulate and monitor all purchases, but the administrative commitment is probably lacking, going by the experience with prescription medicines in India.

Please post below or write to if you have suggestions to safeguard the futures of our children.

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Sean OLeary said...

Should we not go back to DDT. That DDT is a danger was a fraud. Just as the hole in the ozone layer and "global warming" were frauds.