Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pesticides and Honeybee Crisis in Canada

Canada has joined the growing list of countries with honeybee crises. See:

It is unlikely that mites or a virus are responsible for trans-oceanic spreads of Colony Collapse Disorder. The practice of using systemic pesticides during flowering is a more probable reason. 

It is possible that many countries are under threats of losing their honeybees, though their regulators have not recognized it as yet. There is not a day to lose in conserving this vital resource. Drastic farm production losses await nations that neglect their honeybees.

The Endogram-Endocel and Endosulfan tolerant Chrysoperla triad is an assertive way of protecting crops at flowering and honeybees at the same time. Rabi crops will be sown in India during the next 60 days. This is a crucial time to plan for the proper pollination of oilseeds and fruit trees. 

I hope India will not join the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, and Canada in recrimination over avoidable loss of honeybees. 

Please add your voice and influence to conserve Indian honeybees. Support the Endogram-Endocel and Endosulfan tolerant Chrysoperla  system for IPM at flowering.

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