Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Consumer Perspective of Pesticide Safety

Consumer power is not to be denied. The pesticide industry does not have direct and regular contacts with urban consumers. That is why vast chasms develop between the opinions of pesticide professionals and ordinary citizens. Take neonicotinoids as a case in point. This groups of novel pesticides represents a major safety advance. The pesticide industry has been pro-active in the matter. Some manufacturers have even gone to the extent of voluntarily withdrawing their own pesticide registrations to pave the path for patented neonictinoids. Others have invested enormous resources to motivate activists to ask for generic products to be banned. Has this helped them? Read the opinion at the following link: 

The pesticide industry cannot remain a passive observer in the world opinion development about their products. Consumers should join growers, sellers, and regulators as a prime customer genre. Urban communities and owners of all agri enterprises should be engaged in regular dialog. There is also a need to review some agronomic conventions, and to withdraw strategic pesticides from situations in which they are likely to be abused. The flowering stages of crops are most important in this regard. Pesticides have to be used so that pollination and bio-diversity are not affected. Biological agents should have precedence at this vital IPM stage.

I suggest reservation of neonicotinoids for seed dressing. Activists need to be informed that neonicotinoid residues will fall below harmful levels before the reproductive stages of treated crops. I propose that Endogram Endocel and Endosulfan-tolerant Chrysoperla are used during flowering to manage pests, and to conserve honeybees at the same time.

I await your views.

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