Monday, October 20, 2008

A Database Approach to Chronic Aspects of Pesticide Safety

"I feel insulted when you ask me to take a cancer check-up".

This is an authentic statement by a pesticide industry professional. It is common for people to avoid medical help until they feel unwell. This could also be why acute poisoning from pesticides receives more attention than chronic toxicology.

Pesticide spray operators, like the person pictured below, are the worst victims of neglecting the chronic aspects of pesticide safety.

This person could not spare time to listen to pesticide safety advice when I met him last. I hope to meet him again on November 24th 2008. There could be unknown numbers of people like him who spray pesticides everyday. Perhaps they ignore some important pesticide safety precautions. The additive effects endanger their health, though they are sanguine about acute toxicity.

We know from the processes adopted by reputed pesticide manufacturing units that regular and recorded medical appraisals are essential for all people who come in regular contacts with such chemicals. That is why I would like to copy pesticide-factory safety practices for spray operators. Please post below or write to me at if you would like to launch such a program. Tele-medicine allows us to work together across any physical boundaries. 

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