Friday, October 10, 2008

The Efficacy and Pesticide Safety Link

There are many theories as to why biological pesticides have not been successful. I believe that it is a matter of professional and dedicated transfer of technology. Consider the disturbing news at the following link:


I am not aware whether the biological pesticides used in this case were of inferior quality. Perhaps colony releases were not on time. Another factor to consider is whether the farmers wanted knock-down action, though what they choose to use were repellants.


Biological pesticides have to be used in a system format. The Endogram-Endocel-Endosulfan tolerant Chrysoperla is my triad of choice. I am confident of protecting crops from insect attacks using this approach. A bonus is that honeybees and other pollinators can go about their tasks.


Post below or write to me at if you would like to try the  Endogram-Endocel-Endosulfan tolerant Chrysoperla system.

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