Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are You An Obstacle to Pesticide Safety?

Biopesticides are vital resources for agriculture. Pest management cannot be sustainable without these natural resources. Biopesticides are also useful for the stewardship of chemical pesticides. Endocel is not the same without the support of Endogram. The same concept applies to Endosulfan-tolerant Chrysoperla.Endosulfan is not the only pesticide with tolerant strains of biopesticides. The principle can apply to any chemical pesticide. Post below or write to if you would like to develop biopesticides to enhance the values presented by your chemical brands, or if you would like to re-launch monocrotophos.

Biopesticides are not only for support to chemical products. They can stand alone just as well. The conservation of pollinators is a key example.Endogram andEndosulfan-tolerantChrysoperla are crucial components in the battle against Colony Collapse Disorder. Europe has displayed alacrity in banning neonicotinoids, but the following link indicates that not enough has been done forbiopesticides:

Biopesticides can resolve the contentious issue of harmful residues in farm produce. The pesticide industry can promote biopesticides for exclusive use near harvest. Chemical pesticides will last longer if we ensure that PHIs are not violated.

Do you have biopesticidesin your product range? PutEndogramEndosulfan-tolerant Chrysoperla, and similar agents to work for the stewardship of your business. Start today.

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