Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Xerox of Pesticides

A copier made by any manufacturer may let you down. You will probably blame Xerox by name, whether the company deserves it or not.

The dominance of any one member of an entire product category has both advantages and downsides.

This is the story of Endosulfan.

It is the only pesticide many farmers know. That is why urban activists love to target it as well.

"I have to Endocel my crop today".

From Jullunder to Jalpaiguri, and from Bhavnagar to Bengalooru, farm families of all tongues, religions, and cultures swear by Endosulfan. It is also an important protector of the rice paddies and spices of Kerala, where it has been so abused and maligned as well.

The world is yet to see the best of Endosulfan. Endogram has potentials that even its owners do not appreciate. One day, all pest management will follow the integrated and sustainable route of Endocel and Endogram.

Satyameva Jayate

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