Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to Manage Off-Target Endosulfan Residues

Drift and run-off result in pesticide residues appearing in areas that have never been sprayed. Here are two relevant links:

How can we manage Endosulfan residues in nature?

1. Safe and judicious use prescriptions should include measures to limit, to contain, and to degrade contaminated soil and water.

2. Formulations, application equipment, and ambient conditions should combine to delineate drift boundaries.

3. Endogram should be used in place of Endosulfan, whenever appropriate spray conditions do not exist.

4. Residue monitoring should be taken in to consideration only if tests are conducted by certified laboratories and technicians, with confirmatory samples drawn in statutory and statistical ways.

5. Off-target residues, the relevant NOEL, and the half-life should be put together as primary responses to valid findings of toxic residues.

6. pH, microbes, scrubbers, land-fills with impervious boundaries, and incineration, are alternatives for the management of contaminated water, soil, and even air, where accidental or unintentional drift or contamination occurs.

7. Laws regarding the disposal of pesticide containers need to be reviewed.

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