Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Endosulfan Is The Most Abused Pesticide

Stewardship has both technical and political dimensions.

There are hundreds of pesticide molecules in the world of pest management.

Patented molecules from Europe are never banned.

Generic pesticides made in India are specific targets for bans.

European manufacturers take leads in getting their own legacy molecules banned once patents expire.

This has stereo benefits.

It hits revenues of generic producers.

Secondly, banned generic pesticides are replaced by new patents.

No prizes for guessing whether the new patents cost farmers more or less than banned generics.

However, a puzzle remains.

How do patent holders manipulate regulation with such ease?

Each country has its own explanation.

Each individual must look at the facts dispassionately.

This is tough because so much of pesticide ban movements stays underground.

That is why the following two links, and others like them, are so valuable:



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