Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Victims of Pesticide Abuse

Dedication to the truth is an axiom of conventional Marxism. Objectivity is a key driver to substitute spiritual faith with ideology. However, such unwavering commitment is no certain guard against dromology. Please consider the following link:


The pejorative reference to Endosulfan is incidental for the casual reader, but offensive for those concerned with pest management.

Such examples abound. Abuse and negligence are equal conventions in the packed agendas of modern life. Propagandists have field days spewing bombs of disinformation about pesticides. There is also blame-shifting with abandon in the process.

The tragedy of aerial spraying on wild cashew trees in parts of Kerala are burdened on Endosulfan. The latter is inanimate and unable to protest its innocence. That cannot change the following truths:

1. Endosulfan can and should be used safely and judiciously.

2. Endosulfan is a priority resource for use with skill, experience, and diligence.

3. Abuses of Endosulfan should not reflect on the merits and essential utilities of the substance.

4. Lies will be perceived as truth if stewardship is neglected.

5. Endosulfan is crucial to food security and to agrarian progress.

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