Thursday, June 26, 2008

Endosulfan Aerial Spraying Benefits

Decades have past since I last participated in Endosulfan aerial spraying. That has not diminished my impressions of the secular benefits for farmers, their families, and village communities.

Aerial spraying is integral to Precision Agriculture for small farmers. Ground operations work in the expansive land holdings of Australia, North America, parts of Brazil, and Europe. However, preventive control of a brood is best achieved through an aerial campaign.

Aerial spraying saves precious water resources. Low-volume ground operations take one thousand liters of water for each acre per spray. Can we afford this?

Aerial spraying in still air conditions reduces hazards of drift. It is feasible to protect people, natural resources, and animals from exposure during aerial spraying operations.

Aerial spraying has got much better than in my days. I did not have radio controlled helicopters or GPS.

However, Endosulfan is still a top choice for Precision Agriculture through aerial spraying.

Endosulfan is a single-window solution to common endemic pests and epidemic outbreaks of insects.

Endosulfan provides better duration of pest management per application.

Endosulfan is economical.

Natural resources and output exposed to Endosulfan are easy to clean.

Endogram only works with Endosulfan.

Support the resurrection of Endosulfan aerial spraying with radio-controlled and GPS-enabled mini-helicopters.

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