Saturday, June 7, 2008

Resistance Management with Endosulfan

Resistance management distinguishes pest control professionals from others.

Paying customers want efficacy, regulators insist on valid data, while activists clamor for safety. A pest control expert must balance all these concerns on the fulcrum of resistance.

Insects, mites, rodents, and microbes have been around for longer than people. Relatively short life spans give them powerful adaptability. Surviving members of a brood or a colony are dynamic in developing tolerances for every weapon that we may deploy to survive their onslaughts.

Endosulfan is a versatile tool to manage pest resistance. Here are some of its endearing properties for every pest management authority:

1. It prevents incidental and minor pests from taking the places of dominant ones.

2. It is able to maintain LC90 levels on plant surfaces beyond the extended hatching periods of broods with compressed life cycles.

3. It is compatible with herbal repellants and with bio-rational products.

4. It is the only registered pesticide with a tolerant egg parasite strain,

5. Tolerance is rapidly eroded in commonly recommended spray schedules.

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