Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Fungal Answer for Endosulfan Baiters

Contamination of soil and water are major bones of contention between users and antagonists of Endosulfan.

Microbes can come to our rescue and provide routes to answers.

Here are two links to a report of a fungus that can help with the rapid metabolism of Endosulfan residues:

It is also possible to use the magical Endogram success story, and develop microbes that thrive in Endosulfan-rich environments. This can act in situations where alkalinity cannot be used for degradation of natural resources with Endosulfan residues above safety limits. Take a look at:

The microbe world is so vast and diverse that there is no end to finding new solutions to pesticide residues. Here is a link to a case of a pathogen being put to good use:

So let us stop petty arguments about Endosulfan persistence, and get down to the real work of its safe and judicious use instead.

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