Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Time for Endosulfan and Endogram

Everyone loves rain-bearing clouds after months of unrelenting summer. That includes the top-shoot borer, leaf-eating caterpillars, and aphids. A brief and dry interlude could bring on thrips, while fertilizer top dressing after irrigation creates just the right climate near the bases of plants for thirsty jassids.

Trichogramma, beetles, and chrysopa love to feed on these pests and their eggs. However, there can be times when scouts find that pest populations are ascendant. IPM and ICM technologies prescribe chemical pesticides.

Monocotyledons and crop varieties with highest potentials for first flushes are especially susceptible during the first 60 days of the monsoon season. Farmers have to take risky investment decisions during these weeks. They cannot stand and watch their livelihoods eaten away. Most of them have no insurance. Expensive chemicals may save the crop but ruin them anyway. Economy is paramount in pesticide choices for farmers.

It is time for the duo of Endogram and Endosulfan.

May God grant bounteous harvests to farmers.

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