Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Pesticide Regulation for Safety and the Environment

There can be no lasting freedom without regulation. Anything we do to survive may harm another. Biodynamic farming has its virtues. Will it feed, clothe, and power the world? Regulation is the only way for all people to live in harmony.

Regulation which is not prospective will be deemed harsh and unjust. This is why rules and conditions should be evolutionary. Expectations are Malthusian. Therefore, regulations should also adapt to new times. How can this be relevant for pesticides and their regulation?

1. Since the NOEL is known for each pesticide, the focus of regulation should shift to making it feasible to avoid this level of exposure.

2. Step one above should be peripheral rather than central when it comes to execution.

3. Electronics, satellites, and the Internet should be leveraged fully to promote safe and judicious use.

4. Beneficial insects, especially egg parasites, should be nurtured and treasured.

5. Agrarian communities need local self-government structures to ensure food safety, and wellness amongst people who handle pesticides. Women in villages are invaluable and omnipotent resources in this respect.

May July 2008 witness the dawn of a new era in pesticide regulation for secular benefits. Please participate.

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