Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Parasite Power of Endosulfan

Egg parasites are like the myriad freedom fighters who won freedom for modern India. They remain out of public sight, but they have rendered yeoman services since times immemorial.

Trichogramma is the most versatile and utilitarian of egg parasites in a sub-tropical context. It favors all lepidopterous eggs, and is a fierce predator of pests. Cotton, tomatoes, rice, and sugarcane are some of the important crops that Trichogramma can protect.

Trichogramma is easy to rear. It provides pleasant and profitable livelihoods for agrarian women. Even women of child-bearing age can work with Trichogramma without fears of mutagenic or carcinogenic effects.

Trichogramma keeps up its work in rain and shine. It is therefore able to fill in for pesticides when incessant rains, strong winds, hot sun, or the darkness of night keep spray operators away.

Trichogramma is a central element of IPM. It is a vital component of economical pest management for impoverished farmers.

Trichogramma and Endosulfan are natural partners. Both stand for sustainable IPM in the greater interests of farmers.

This is the truth of Endogram.

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