Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Primary Focus for Pesticide Safety

Agricultural laborers should have priority in pesticide safety. Their responsibilities include spraying chemicals. Even women of child-bearing age are not spared this onerous responsibility. This community is eager and willing to follow safety procedures, but cannot do so without support from their employers.

Shrimati Waghmare, in the photograph below, is not one to turn any blind eye to her responsibilities. It is my fault for making her blink when I took the photograph. It was dark and I could not check on my photography. She has taken charge of family matters as her husband has cancer.

The Waghmare couple live in village Shekharpur of Kandhar taluka in Nanded district of Maharashtra, with two children. I do not have the pincode. They have to Mumbai for Anand's treatment, leaving the children behind.

They are incredibly stoic people. They are true heroes, more than any Olympic medallist. Listen to an interview in Marathi at this link:

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