Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pesticide Safety for the Honey Bee

It is nearly impossible to exaggerate the importance of the honey-bee.

Apart from pollination and bio-diversity benefits, honey-bees can contribute to rural diversity, including that of peasants with small land-holdings.

There have been unexplained deaths amongst honey-bee populations around the world. There is an urgent need to restore this friend of the farmer to its pristine status.

The uses of neonicotinoids and systemic fungicides during flowering are major risks to honey-bees. These categories of pesticides have been cleared for marketing without adequate considerations of the possible effects on honey-bees.

Please post your valuable opinions below. I am determined to start a new movement for honey-bee conservation.


Anonymous said...

Education and knowledge sharing has become an important move in this modern world. People are now concious about health, environment, biodiversity conservation, etc.. every individuals trend to contribute localy but it becomes a global contribution.

In this regard, you could be a real conservanist, it would be a big project for you. it will realy save the honey bees and your project should focus on saving of Bhutanese honey bees. It would be a great help for this country. Thank you once more I wish you all the best.

Ugyen Lhendup

Dr. S. Banerji said...

Thank you for your encouragement and comment. I would like to work further on honeybee conservation. Please let me have your address so that I can start a dialog with you on this vital matter.