Saturday, August 16, 2008

Most modern pesticides have been invented in countries that do not need them. Chemical pesticides involve global trade. Patents are vital links in the oligopoly of the world pesticide industry. Even India with all its scientific and technological resources has never produced a single novel molecule. There is no escape in sight from the domination of elite pesticide producing countries over the emerging and third worlds. Bans on generic pesticides of established properties pave roads for pesticide empires to sustain themselves.

Industries and services have gained from India's concessions on the patent front. Our farmers have to foot the bill. They are saddled with irrelevant use practices when it comes to pesticides that are produced elsewhere. It is not as though they wish to poison their fields and families. However, they need practical measures to continue with their livelihoods.

These are my conclusions from my interview of Shri Karamveer Singh of village Jajal in the post office area of Jhumudpur in Sonepat, Haryana(pincode 131001). I met him on August 04, 2008 at Mahalaxmi Traders in Padri Kalam. Shri Sunil Kumar owns this shop: he is also a progressive farmer.

Please email if you would like a full audio file of my interview. Shri Karamveer Singh is on the right in the picture.

I have incorporated my findings of this field visit in the MatriMarg initiative for better pesticide safety and rural health standards.

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