Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pesticide Safety and Salads

"Stop" I cried. "Do not eat tomatoes".

"But I love salads and eat them everyday in college". My son loves to argue and this occasion was no exception.

"This is India". I admonished him. "No one follows pre-harvest intervals here". "I was in Sonepat recently, and discovered that some farmers even spray on the day of harvest".

"What should I eat here?" My son asked me with his head bowed before a plate of uneaten tomatoes.

"Ask your mother to serve you some cooked food". I gave my son a useful solution.

My wife also loves argument.

"Salad is good for him". "You should eat it too". I could not follow why she brought my diet in to the conversation.

"I did not say that he should not eat salad". "I am against tomatoes". "Nowadays, farmers use neonictotinoids and triazoles on tomatoes". As usual, my technical expertise prevailed.

"So what salad items are safe to eat?". I could see a new respect for my professional knowledge in the eyes of my wife.

"Cabbage is best if you wash it first". My wife has never acted on my suggestion so fast.

"Why can't we wash and eat tomatoes?" I knew that this question was bound to arise.

"Neonictotinoid and triazole residues cannot be removed by washing". My answer was pat.

"So what happens with cabbage?" I was ready for this question also.

"Endocel and Sulfex are more popular with cabbage farmers".

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