Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Pesticide but Stll a Tragedy

Shri Ravindra Kumar, pictured here with his wife, is from village Maranchi in Patna district of Bihar (pincode 803301). He is just 26 years old, and a student. He has cancer of the lymphatic system. I met him earlier this week. You can listen to my discussions with him at:

I have come to the following conclusions about this case:

1. Diagnostic facilities are much better in Hyderabad than in Bihar (Ravindra Kumar has left his village to study in Andhra Pradesh).
2. Early detection is the key to successful cancer management. A CT scan in Hyderabad showed Ravindra Kumar's swollen lymph nodes at an early stage. There are no guarantees in this disease, but his prognosis is relatively positive.
3. Ravindra Kumar has never handled pesticides. He has suffered from drift inhalation, but it appears to have been below most NOELs.
4. Ravindra Kumar is knowledgeable about modern science, and can become a vital change-agent for pesticide safety in his village.

Please join me in wishing all the best to Shri and Shrimati Ravindra Kumar.

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dr_venkatesh said...

I appreciate your efforts and for the initiative taken on such an important issue