Friday, August 29, 2008

My Trusted Pesticide Safety Aid

"Your Aloe Vera has started flowering".

My wife's words were music to my ears. I had never seen this wonder plant flower before.

However, Aloe Vera is one of my best friends. I have used it in all kinds of weather to keep my skin hydrated when applying pesticides. I have also used in when arranging ground flags during aerial spraying.

Aloe Vera saved me during a 1978 pyrilla epidemic in western U.P, Some of the mill areas were affected by black-bugs, and my arms would get small wounds as I conducted directed spraying with surface-tension reducing agents in rattoon crops. I used Aloe Vera with disinfectant to seal my wounds, and to ensure quicker healing also so that I could return to the fields.

I have now developed my own proprietary aloe vera formulation to protect wounds from pesticide exposure, and to promote healing. This product can also be used to clean hands without using alcohol or any carcinogenic anti-microbial agent.

Aloe vera is economical and hardy. Every person who sprays pesticides should have at least one plant at home.

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