Friday, August 8, 2008

The Pesticide Safety Perspective of a Master Cultivator

I was glad that incessant rains had disrupted my field schedule for the day. It gave me a reason to spend more time with a farmer of rare expertise.

Shri Jille Singh Rana, of village Siraspur on the outskirts of Delhi, (pincode 42) is more than a Guru when it comes to the cultivation of medicinal plants: he is also an exceedingly generous person, of a caliber that one does not find commonly anymore. Shri Jille Singh Rana not only gave my companions and me delicious fruits to eat, but heaped us with gifts to take home as well.

Here is a picture of Shri Jille Singh Rana in his patch of wheat grass, which he blends with neem and a medicinal creeper, to make an indigenous anti-oxidant (Shri Rana supplies plant material to a reputed herbalist organization):

Here is a picture of a creeper, the stalks of which are added to wheat grass and neem for the herbal anti-oxidant:

Shri Jille Singh Rana taught me about more than herbal anti-oxidants. He showed me the Naag Daman, a plant that keeps snakes away. Here is a photo:

There is also a rare Mor Pankhi or Thuja Exacta plant on the form. Here is a picture:

I hope to visit the farm again soon. There are many other rare fruit trees and plants. I ran out of battery power taking photographs to my heart's content.

This was fortunate in a sense. I used the wet weather to ask the veteran cultivator about safe and judicious use of pesticides. His views are remarkable. Send an email to
if you would like to have a full audio record.


Anonymous said...

eager to see photographs of other such fruits and plants

Dr. S. Banerji said...

I will keep your request in mind. I hope to be in the field again during the first week of September 2008, and will look for more opportunities to collect pictures of useful and unusual plants. Please let me have your email address, so that I can alert you when I have more photographs to offer. Regards