Thursday, May 29, 2008

Relevant and Ridiculous Endosulfan Research

Once again, it is not a matter of Endosulfan alone. Investments in pesticides that have been in successful use for decades, should be weighed carefully before ethics committees permit them.

The process by which an NOEL is established is rigorous. Large numbers of independent scientists review figures and findings before secular acceptance.

Resources used for finding the effects of exceeding an NOEL are useless.

Ethics Committees should be accountable. They must answer why they have permitted libelous and wasteful research.

Research without GLP and GCP certifications has no value.

It is like having financial accounts audited by people who are not Chartered Accountants.

Can people without qualifications act as doctors and make diagnoses?

Can a person who has not appeared before a Bar act as an attorney?

Research which does not conform to international controls of quality are simply against the larger public interest.

Editors of publications should be accountable in this respect.

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