Friday, May 30, 2008

Endosulfan, Other Pesticides, and Global Warming

How should plant protection and public health professionals respond to issues as raised in the link below?

1, Promote unvarying compliance with label directions of all pesticides.

2. Facilitate the safe and judicious use of pesticides.

3. Prevent pesticide abuse as far as possible.

4. Discourage inhuman practices such as subjecting fish to sub-lethal doses of pesticides.

5. Sequester harmful air emissions as far as possible.

6. Support pesticide formulation development to make them even safer.

7. Integrate pesticides with other protection measures.

8. Respect spatial differences in agronomy and the autonomy of other countries.

9. Fight moves to replace generic pesticides with new research monopolies.

10. Use photosynthesis as a primary weapon against global warming.

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