Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Dromology of Pesticide Fiction

Residue reports are favorites of pesticide abusers.

The laity is not aware of Good Laboratory Practices and sampling protocols.

Most people on the road cannot tell you the difference between ppm and ppb.

The significances of MRLs, ADIs, NOELs, and PHIs are even less widely understood.

It is a perfect set up for dromology. You only need a fertile mind to make an information bomb from fantasy.

Read about these concepts direct from the author:


Here are three food safety cues that work:

1. Wash food eaten raw such as lettuce. This will eliminate surface residues.

2. Favor Community Supported Agriculture if you like to eat uncooked food from strange places. See:


3. Ignore unsubstantiated reports about pesticide residues from unskilled sources, and which have no legal validity.

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