Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ban Pesticide Bans

It is easy to ask for a pesticide ban.

That does not make it the right thing to do.

Farmers use pesticides as physicians prescribe drugs.

It is the same with people worried about bites from flying insects.

Gross abuse does not mean that any product is bad.

The trick is to use pesticides safely, correctly, and judiciously.

I have personally seen Endosulfan in use since 1972.

It does not disrupt the endocrine system if used as prescribed.

The same statement applies for the nervous system.

Would you blame a medicine if someone took the wrong dose?

Endosulfan is the only pesticide that a strain of a beneficial insect can tolerate.

It is relatively cheap to use.

Endosulfan helps farmers with more than one pest in the field at the same time.

It is relatively less hazardous than some other pesticides for loading in to sprayers and for operators.

Please email if you would like free information on how to use Endosulfan safely and correctly. I declare a personal financial interest in the matter, but guarantee correct and factual information.

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Dr M V Potdar said...

Dr Banerji,

I was very pleased to read about enormous benefits of endosulfan use in agriculture and the need for using pesticides safely, correctly, and judiciously.

Dr. S. Banerji said...

Thank you for your support. Please request all the people you know to contribute their views, either here, or at