Saturday, May 31, 2008

Protect Endosulfan from Abuse

Management Audit is a vital component of any business in pesticides.

It is an area where social, environmental, and sustainability goals converge.

Pesticides need stewardship.

It is for brand owners, leading producers, and major extension networks to survey all instances of abuse. Effective and time-bound corrective measures should follow.

Some companies prefer to use internal Quality Assurance business processes to keep a check on abuses of their brands and molecules of interest.

All entities can use the ISO 14001 series for a transparent and inclusive way to achieve better standards of safe and judicious pesticides use.

Here is a link to the ISO 14001 series:

Profit-maximization by saving on stewardship expenses is a prime example of false economy. Here is a link to the public consequences of ignoring pesticide abuse:

Do you know of an instance of pesticide abuse? Has it been corrected, at least in part?

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