Friday, July 11, 2008

Unlimited Pesticide Safety

The solution stares in our faces. It is inspired from the world of medicine. Some of the most agriculturally-advanced countries have a variation. However, the Indian version will be unique.

The safe and judicious use of pesticides is a task for the skilled. They call them scouts in the United States. They decide what to spray and when. The system addresses needs of farmers with thousand of acres to manage. We can do the same for small farmers who lack resources for safe and judicious use of pesticides. We can also add new parts to traditional roles for scouts. These additions can address environment safety and human safety concerns.

Where can we find such a cadre? Why not in villages and around farms? We need a caring demographic group. One that is available universally. People on who you can rely in even the most difficult of circumstances. Individuals who put others before their selves. Diligence is their watchword. Their commitments are always above

Rural women constitute the most potent force in the world. Centuries of adversity have forged their collective DNA. Their forbearance and fortitude are without parallel. All issues related to the safe and judicious use of pesticides fall within their generous and joint ambit.

Let us take this concept to the next level tomorrow.

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